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[PREMIUM] Why Copywriting Is The #1 Business Skill In This Digital World…



Let me prove it to you…

Let’s say if you want to sell any product or service on the internet and there are no written words on the landing page that can tell about your product or services…

Now, Do you expect someone to buy your product or services?

The answer is no: why?

Because there is no communication between you and the customer…

and It’s similar to a Salesman who has a product but he is not communicating with his prospect…

Guess What? You can’t sell anything this way…

As a Salesman you need to Communicate with your prospect and you need to tell everything about your product, and how your product can help them and can make their life easier…Right?

And the same rule applies on the Internet…

On the Internet, the only possible way to do a Communication is Copywriting…

Whether it’s a Video Copywriting Script, written or anything else…Everything needs copy!

So You need to Master the Art of Communication if you want to sell anything Online…


The Importance of Copywriting

Think about a Salesman, a salesman can have an average product but if he knows how to sell something and how to Communicate with others…he can sell anything

But if he doesn’t know how to communicate and how to sell,  then It doesn’t matter how good his product is…he can’t sell.


So this is Exactly why you need a good copy to sell your products or services.

So Basically Copywriting is Nothing but the Art of Communication Through your Written words…

Here are a few bullet points that define Copywriting

  • The Written words that draw people In…
  • It opens up their imagination…
  • It brings out emotion…
  • It makes it possible for the consumer to relate to the salesperson…

And that’s what is all about – Relating

And every marketer must need to know at least the basics of Copywriting…even if you are outsourcing.


Where we use the Copywriting?

The Answer is everywhere you need to communicate with your customers…

For Example

  1. The written Sales Letter
  2. The Video Sales Letter
  3. The Webinar
  4. Email
  5. Ads Copy

You see, Copy is everywhere, the website, the product description, Book Titles, etc

And You Must need to know that Copywriting is NOT the same thing as writing content.

They Both are Different

Copywriting Vs Content Writing

When writing Content, the goal is to teach, educate and give People Information.

This is Not the goal when writing copy

When writing copy, the goal is to build the relationship, trust, to pump them up, get them excited and convince them they need to click.

Copywriting Vs Content Writing

Our Responsibility to keep their attention Vs their Responsibility to keep their attention

Convincing/Influencing Vs Teaching

Now Let’s look at this 5 – Step Copywriting System

The 5 Step Copywriting Formula

This is the proven Formula that Every Good Copywriter uses to write a good copy

And anyone who follows this will be able to write great copy every time.

1 – Introduction 

2 – The Story

3 – The Content

4 – The Transition

5 – The Pitch

Now Let’s Master These Step by Step


Perfect! Here we go…


Step 1. Introduction

The Introduction is the #1 Important part of your copy… 

Yes, you’ve heard it correctly…It’s the #1 Important part of your copy.


Because the Introduction is the First Line that your Reader sees, and you need to write something that draws their attention and attracts them to read your full copy. If it fails to do this, everything else is useless…because the reader can Instantly click on the back button and go out.

So Let’s Clear the Purpose of Copywriting again – The Purpose of Introduction is to tell them why they should read your copy…

The goal is to capture their attention and here are a few points to do that…

  • Tell them ‘What’ NOT the ‘How’
  • While writing the Headline keep this in mind to tell the what, what’s in it for them, what the product or offer can do for them.
  • Give them a Convincing enough “what” and they will want to know the “How” enough to Buy.

For Example – How to Ditch your Boring 9 to 5 Job and Earn 7 Figure Income using just your Laptop.

Now this headline gets the attention of those who want to quit their job…

So they will definitely go read to find out ‘How’


And once they are hooked by the headline, tell them a Story…


Step 2. The Story 

Storytelling is one of the greatest marketing strategies ever to sell something and to build a connection and trust. Because everyone can understand the story and can relate to a story.

But You need to present a story in such a way so that your readers or prospect can connect with you…

Here’s something that you need to keep in mind…

  • People don’t buy products. People buy the story… people buy what is behind that product – The Brand or the Person.
  • The Purpose of the story is to Connect with People and to build trust.
  • To Bring out their emotions, because people make buying decisions based on emotions. 

So You need to present a story in such a way that people can relate to you. And you need to bring out their emotions.

Once the story is over, The Next Step is…


Step 3: The Content

At this point, your customers want to know more…

They want to know if your product is a good fit for them or not and whether you are the right person to sell the product or not!

So the Goal of the content is to prove that there is no other option than this product!

And To Accomplish This, the content must provide value and to make them feel that they need this product to change their life…

In the Content, we need to show the statistics, facts that can blow their mind.

For Example; Again the same headline

 – How to Ditch your 9 to 5 Boring Job and Earn 7 Figure Income Just Using your Laptop…

So In content, you need to prove to them;  Why Job is Bad for them, and Why Job Economy is dying and some more statistics…and the Solution

and if you can do that…and can convince them, they are sold…

Now let’s look at the next step…


Step 4. The Transition

At this point of time, you need to give them a simple and logical reason why you are asking for money…

Because In the last 3 steps, you have provided so much free value…and you have built a relationship with them.

So now you need to give them a simple reason…why Money!

You simply can’t say that Buy this product because I am selling…No!

You need to give them a logical reason, that this is your mission, you are building your legacy and this product is a part of it. Or whatever the reason that you have!

Then Move on to the Final Step


Step 5; The Pitch

The Purpose of the Pitch is not to sell, selling is already done in content, this is where you confirm the sale…

And How to Confirm the sale?

Showing them that the Provided Value is greater than the price.

You need to show them everything that you are giving in exchange of money…

Give them a completely irresistible offer and that’s it.

For Example – If your Product Cost $1, then show them that they are getting the value of $10 or more. 

Finally, I congratulate you for Going through the 5 step Process of Copywriting!

Now, Start Implementing these steps to Boost  your Conversion!

But Wait, aren’t you curious to know about me?


Hi, I am Durvesh Yadav,

also known as (@10xmentor) 20 year Kid, Social Media Influencer And Digital Entrepreneur, I help Digital Coaches To Scale their Online Business Using My Copywriting and Marketing Skills.

Thank for Reading this, I hope it will help you to make more money online.


Wealth Hacks

Wealth-Building Conference Headed to Philly This Summer



Senator Sharif Street and Temple University are bringing community wealth-building to North Philadelphia with a big conference.

Co-hosted by fintech NYCE, the Senator’s office announced its inaugural WealthCon event July 23, 2022, at Temple University’s main campus.

Closing the racial wealth gap is a major challenge we face in creating a fair and inclusive society,” said Street, who represents the Third Senatorial District of Philadelphia, one of the poorest communities in America, “Investing in people is how we elevate communities with a history of divestment and educating folks on financial literacy is a critical step toward that goal.”

WealthCon is a community-first experience dedicated to providing direct access to wealth-building programs across Pennsylvania.“

We’re a big advocate of NYCE’s mission of wealth equality and are excited to help address some of the grave issues that have impacted the communities for decades,” Street said.

More than 1000 Pennsylvanians, including officials from state, local, and federal governments, will attend WealthCon, including leaders in housing, lending, education, and community development.

The conference will offer panels and keynote conversations, covering the latest opportunities in real estate investing, financial literacy (including stocks, NFTs, cryptocurrency), retirement planning, public safety, entrepreneurship, and more.

“Financial literacy is critical to long-term community building,” NYCE CEO Philip Michael said. “We’re excited to make that available to everyone.”

The evening will conclude with cocktails and networking at the invite-only VIP dinner honoring WealthCon’s Innovators of 2022.

Innovators are recognized for their commitment to closing the wealth gap in America, both within their communities and beyond. (To submit your candidate for this year’s Innovators Award, please email .)

Tickets are free for members of the community. All ages are welcome.

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Net Operating Income (NOI), Explained



Goes without saying, if you’re a new landlord, there are some metrics you just have to know. And if this is the most important metric to master, this one may be the most important, period…

(Pause for dramatic effect…)

The NOI.

Whether it’s vetting, buying or managing real estate, NOI—short for Net Operating Income—is arguably the most crucial metric for real estate investors.

NOI is simply your net profits from rental income, after your expenses are paid. Here’s why it matters and why it’s more important than you think.

Your bottom line

When you have a rental property, your end game is to make a profit. You get your rental income. Deduct your operating expenses like maintenance, repairs and so on. Now you have your net operating income, which is your bottom line.

The formula

Net operating income is real estate’s equivalent to corporate finance’s EBIT. Here’s how it looks:

NOI = all revenue from the property – all operating expenses

It’s a simple enough formula, but there are ways you can manage it.

Managing OPEX

In business, there are two ways to increase profits. 1) Increase revenue. 2) Decrease expenses.

Simple enough, right? With rental income, there’s only so much you can do to increase revenue. So managing your OPEX is a basic but extremely important metric to monitor — and very often the hack for value-add investors to unlock crazy profits.


Here’s the real beauty of NOI. Unlike single-family properties, the value of income-producing real estate (using the cap rate formula) is derived directly from the net income you can squeeze from it. Not supply and demand. Not the market. Not the S&P. Not bubbles. None of that.

“Net Worth Hacking”

In other words, if you manage your NOI, you can literally enhance your asset’s value. This is at the core of the value-add strategy. This New Jersey group bought a building for $57 million, hacked the NOI through upgrades and management, and BOOM! Sold it three years later for $101 M’s.

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Personal Finance

DIY: How To Improve Your Personal Finances



Even if you’re not looking for a property this exact second, you always want to be improving your position.

So, focus on the downtime to improve your finances, get your debt squared away, and put yourself in a better position when you are ready to buy!

It’s important to be sure of your financial position before you buy a property because you might find it’s harder to get that property than you would have originally thought.

Here are a few ways to quickly improve your finances to help you save more, pay down more debt, and qualify for better loans.

Pay Attention

One of the most common reasons that people struggle financially is because they simply don’t pay attention to what is going on in their own financial life. If you are not paying attention, you can’t hope to know what is going on and therefore know how to improve matters.

So, the first item on your list is to start paying attention to your finances!

When I’m working on a project, I’m laser-focused on the budget, the details, the costs, etc. But, sometimes in my personal life, I let this slide.

The reality is, when we do have a budget and focus on sticking to it, our bank account balances grow so much faster than when we aren’t using one.

I love to eat out, and my wife loves to buy small things around the house. One day, we looked back over the previous year of spending and found we each averaged over $1,000 per month on our hobbies!

By pulling back a little in each area, we were able to save over $1,000 per month but still do the things we enjoyed.

So, start by having a budget!

Even if you are financially well off and can afford most of what you want, by budgeting for the items and spreading the costs out over several months, you’ll find that you buy less, spend less, and save more.

Also, if you budget to pay down certain debts faster, you’ll see those balances dramatically drop!

So, do not overlook the importance of a family budget.

Save On Other Purchases

There might be a number of other big purchases you need to make before you get hold of your next property, and it is a good idea to make sure that you are only spending as much on those as absolutely necessary.

For any big ticket items, we actually start searching for them months or even a year in advance. For example, let’s consider kitchen appliances.

As you know, a full set of appliances can easily cost $5,000-$10,000 if you are getting high-end products. It includes a fridge, double oven, gas cooktop, microwave/fan, and dishwasher.

The first thing we did was go to the store and decide on two or three brands, styles and product lines we wanted. It’s hard to compare prices unless you are looking at similar products between stores.

Then, for months we’ll watch these items and their prices. Occasionally there will be sales and by tracking the pricing all year, we know which sales are worth getting or not. When we feel we are getting the best price, we’ll buy.

And by doing that, we can easily save $500-$1,000 or even more.

We did something similar with our TV, computer monitors, etc. Basically, anything that is currently working that we want to upgrade. Over the course of a year, we are saving thousands of dollars.

You might also use a money saving app to help.

Saving money in all these places will make an enormous difference when it comes to saving for your next down-payment

Pay Down Debt

With all the money you are saving by budgeting and by planning out major purchases, you might want to use some of it to pay down debt.

You’ll have to decide if it’s better to pay down debt or have a larger down payment because both will hold you back on your next purchase.

But, generally, paying down $1/month in debt is worth about $3/month in income. At least, as far as loans are concerned.

If you do decide to work on paying down your debt, I fully detail a unique debt pay down method to get you into your next rental property faster.

Increase Your Income

Most people just focus on debt, but the reality is you can only cut your expenses so much.

Income, on the other hand, has unlimited potential. So, why not focus on growing your income?

Increasing your monthly income can be done in a number of passive and active ways, and it is worth looking into as many of these as you can to find the right one for you. I outline a number of ways to increase your income in this article on how to earn $10,000 per month.

While earning $10,000 per month in side-income might seem a long way off, it’s important to start! Even if you can earn an extra $500 month now, and grow it slowly over time, it’s worth it!.

Don’t Focus on Just One Thing

As I mentioned already, focusing on just budgeting, or debt paydown can be detrimental to your overall financial goals. It’s important to combine a number of different things into an overall strategy, which includes budgeting, debt paydown, and increasing your income.

This article originally appeared on IdealREI. Follow them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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