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This Startup Wants To Let You Into The Super Bowl For (Almost) Free



Most football fans would love to go to the Super Bowl. Except, everyone’s priced out. This year, average seats ran as high as $2,800, per Forbes.

However, Ticket Score, a new startup wants to change that. The website just rolled out its new ticket purchasing platform, bringing to life every sports fan’s dream of watching their team play in the Super Bowl.

A new features allows users to gain access to authentic tickets with discounts of up to 90% off the market price.

“The average fan is constantly being outpriced due to the secondary market being so incredibly expensive,” co-founder AJ Rompza stated. “With TicketScore we have created a platform designed to let true, everyday fans fulfill their dreams of making it to the big game.”

How it works

So let’s say you’re a Denver Broncos fan. You log on the platform. Pick the sport, team, and championship game you want to attend. (In this case, “NFL” and “Super Bowl.”)

Then you choose a price you want to pay for a price for a so-called “option” to attend the game. If your team makes it to that championship game, you receive your tickets 48-72 hours before the event guaranteed.

An important disclaimer, however: Your team actually has to make it to the game. But there’s an out for that, Rompza says.

“You can cancel at any time you want,” he says. “Your team loses four games in a row. You can cancel that option and you only lose out on those four weeks.”

The hefty perk will allow users to buy weekly tickets to a specific championship, and also give them the ability to control their costs by permitting them to opt-out any time.

Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, World Series…

The concept applies to all the championship games.

Tickets for nearly all major sports eventsfrom the Super Bowl, NHL Stanley Cup, MLB World Series to the NFL can be purchased on the platform, Rompza told us.

“Our interface also makes it easy to sell your option to another member, or cancel at any time—and owe nothing more—whenever you choose,” co-founder Doug Chartre says.

Well, OK then. See you at the Super Bowl.


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It’s been covered at nauseum but it’s worth repeating: 2019 was the year of the IPOs—and it wasn’t pretty.

After much speculation, Uber finally hit Wall Street, earning just a fraction of the $128B valuation it had hoped. Lyft, same thing. Then there was WeWork. Oh boy, oh boy…

That said. The full story isn’t told in the first act. Facebook had a rough, much-criticized debut on the public markets. It’s since soared like a a motherf*cker, growing from $100B into a near-$600B behemoth.

Some headlines, just as a reminder:

Facebook IPO fails to ‘pop’ in rough debut…

The Wall Street Journal used words like “frenzy” and “skepticism.” 

Unfortunately, hindsight is 20/20 so we can only go by what’s happened to date. So courtesy of our friends from CB Insights, here’s a chart with the blockbuster tech listings that underperformed in 2019.



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