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Venture Capital Deal Activity Hit Record Highs In 2018. How’s ’19 Looking?



Time for some charts.

Last year, global venture capital funding hit a record high. Has that trend continued in 2019? Or did the VC sharks cool it a bit as we reached 2019?

Luckily we got our answers, courtesy of Big Four accounting firm PwC and our homies at CB Insights, who recently released a global “Venture Capital Funding Report” for Q1.

In it you’ll find the latest trends in VC funding globally—and all in chart form.

Global funding fell…

According to the report, global funding fell 22% in Q1’19 to $52B. Deals activity dipped from last quarter as well, dropping from 3,327 from 3,508.

NYC > Silicon Valley…say what?!

New York City is attracting more venture capital than Silicon Valley.

That’s not a typo, by the way.

While the rest of the world saw a dip, the Big Apple is seeing filthy growth, jumping to $4.5B, all while crushing every other market in the country by a large margin. Goes without saying.

The interesting finding was that New York Metro is outpacing tech capital Silicon Valley. The growth showed an increase of 110% over Q4 of last year.

Meanwhile Silicon Valley funding dropped 19% to $4B, indicating greater deal flow over on this side of the country.


Map of the USA showing funding in each state

But the Unicorns stayed LIT!

Unicorns—private companies worth $1B or more—reached a combined value of $582B in Q1’19, the highest aggregate valuation on record. Ever.


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BREAKING: WealthLAB Co-Founder Makes Forbes 30 Under 30 List



Forbes Africa just unveiled its fifth annual “30 under 30” list, highlighting the top young entrepreneurs, innovators and gamechangers.

And guess what: WealthLAB co-founder Odunayo Eweniyi is on it. See the full Forbes list here.

Alongside co-founders Joshua Chibueze, 26, and Somto Ifezue, 28, Odunayo built PiggyVest, a fintech app that’s helped over 230,000 African Millennials invest and save over $15M. 

“PiggyVest was born out of the need to help people create a sustainable means of saving,” Odunayo told Forbes. PiggyVest users currently earn 10-13% on savings.

Just last May, PiggyVest—then known as Piggybank—closed a seed round, raising $1.1M. In doing so, Odunayo became one of under 30 Black women to raise over $1M in startup capital.

While the app started as a digital piggy bank for savers, Odunayo told TechCrunch the goal was to become a “financial warehouse” where other financial providers “can plug in their services for [PiggyVest] users.”

That vision recently came to life with the launch a new investment feature called “Investify,” which pays around 25% depending on the investment opportunity.

The Forbes distinction comes on the heels of an impressive recent run of awards for the young entrepreneur.

In March, Odunayo earned an award from Forbes as one of the top young “wealth creators” in Africa. Shortly after, Odunayo was named 2019 SME Entrepreneur of the Year in Wealth and Society in West Africa.

Prior to founding PiggyVest, Odunayo co-founded PushCV, the largest job database in Africa.

“I’ve always wanted to make an impact. I didn’t know how I would do it, but i felt a compulsion to.”Odunayo told Black Enterprise in a recent interview.

In addition to PiggyVest, Odunayo’s co-founded WealthLAB (yes, this WealthLAB) with NYC-based investor-entrepreneur Philip Michael. The two also invest in women —and minority run startups in the US.

Forbes Africa named 120 entrepreneurs across four categories: trade, technology, innovation, and sport. “I’m honored but I’m just ready to work,” Odunayo said when asked about the award. “I’m already thinking about what’s next.”

Well, alright then. Hit her up and congratulate her on IG here! 

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