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How Swizz Beatz And Alicia Keys Manage Their Money



“For Richer, for poorer…” is a common vow exchanged in most marriage ceremonies. It is also not surprising that most couples manage their finances together. 
Alicia Keys is an awarding winning singer, songwriter and producer. Swizz Beatz, her husband of over 8 years, is also in the entertainment industry as an award winning record producer and rapper. In this video, Swizz talks about how they manage their money as a couple and the importance of balance. 


VIDEO: Here’s How You Know A Company Is F*****



Well…not much to say here. The header sort of speaks for itself. As told by Investopedia‘s Microsoft Sam-sounding narrator. Check it out.

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CNBC: Here’s Why WeWork Wants To Go Public



News broke recently that WeWork’s going public in September. In this video, CNBC breaks down why they’re going public.

Before you watch, though, here’s some context.

WeWork’s recent S-1 filing — the paperwork you file with the SEC right before you go public — had the entire internet up in arms, including ourselves, trying to decode how the heck WeWork justifies its insane valuation.

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Considering, ya know, IWG, a direct competitor, has nearly double the revenue, five times the members, is $2.5B ahead on the bottom line and…well, you can sort of see where this is going.

Despite earning an insane $47B valuation this year, it’s bleeding dough. Yes, WeWork grossed $1.8B in 2018…but it also lost $1.9B.

Be that as it may, WeWork is going public this year (via parent company “The We Company”), the latest in a string of high-profile tech IPOs in 2019.

And speaking of tech. Despite numerous “tech” mentions in the S-1, critics are claiming WeWork is little more than a real estate company.

As far as the We losses go, CFO Artie Minson told CNBC that investors need not worry about those grim financials, but instead to look at WeWork’s losses as “investments” that will lead to greater cash flow. (Which is very possible.)

And even if short-term losses eventually unearth long-term cash flows, will they be enough to justify its lofty valuation…and even loftier ambitions?

While we’re waiting for time to tell on WeWork’s future, if you’re looking to raise your startup game right now, go check out our content partner More Labs’ brand-new drink Aqua+. (Yes, the same More Labs behind this drink that broke the internet.) 

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Wealth Hacks

Tim Ferriss: Here’s A Simple Trick To Conquer Any Fear (That Actually Works)



Bestselling author and rockstar entrepreneur Tim Ferriss created a new generation of entrepreneurs with his masterpiece the 4-Hour Workweek.

In this video interview with, Tim explains how Jamie Foxx taught him how to remove every single fear in a quick, to-the-point way.

And the shit actually works. Peep game.



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