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We Tried Out This App That Will Make Anyone A Paid Brand—And It’s Awesome



Newsflash: Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing segment of marketing.

According to a study cited by Forbes, 39% of marketers are increasing their influencer marketing budget. The same study revealed that a majority of marketers will spend anywhere from $25K to $100K on influencer marketing.

Just look at any of the Jenners. They’ll mention a product and collect a big, phat check just for typing a post.

Just look—an ad by Calvin Klein, posted by Kendall Jenner.

An emerging trend, however, has influencer launching their own merchandise and branded products, and thus keeping all the profits and brand equity themselves. A perfect example is Floyd Mayweather and his various businesses.

Initially, the consensus was that Mayweather’s brand was toxic and no sponsor would touch him. That’s actually what CNN Money said in their header: Floyd Mayweather: The star athlete no sponsor will touch

“Why would I promote somebody else’s stuff when I can promote my own?” Mayweather’s said in response. “I do have endorsement; TMT. My own clothing line. And it’s doing seven figures a year.”

And it looks like Floyd was on to something. Kendall Jenner’s sister Kylie used this same strategy to launch her own cosmetic brand, becoming the youngest self-made billionaire in the process.

These influencers are essentially building multi-million—even billion—dollar brands off merch; selling their own merchandise.

OK, get to the point already…

YouTube influencers and content creators like Vitaly Zdorovetskiy—aka famed prankster VitalyzdTv—are making up for dwindling YouTube ad revenue by launching their own merch.

As a result, content creators like Anthony Mercaldi are launching their own lines; Anthony—a friend of Vitaly’s ironically—just became the first content creator to launch his own sneaker line on Sharebert.

So what’s Sharebert?

It’s an app and platform that allows “content creators become brands.”

Sharebert has all the products known to man (100M total), in a gamified swiping format, with discounts.

In addition to practically every product known to man, anyone with any following of any kind can create a profile that monetizes their followings across platforms—without the upfront costs of production, manufacturing, marketing, shipping and so on.

Sharebert’s been featured in various top magazines and has backing from David Chen (who we interviewed recently), who sits on board of FazeClan, the leading eSports team (5.7M followers total), and Dash Radio.

They all rave about it. So we decided to try it out to see if we could become brands. We tried it out. It took about four steps. And we have to admit…it was pretty freakin’ awesome. Check it out.

We started by going to the homepage…

From there we created a profile. Took about 10 seconds.

Your product

Then we add a product. If you didn’t have one, it actually creates one for you. Pretty badass.

The design

Since we didn’t have existing merch, we needed to create one from scratch.

All we did was upload a logo and set a price. Brownie points: It actually tells you your profits based on your price points.

It even gives an option to design a logo if you don’t. (Dope.)

Clothing line is now live…for $0

After this, your profile goes through pending approval. (Editor’s note: We reached out to Sharebert to ask about the approval process. Outside of pornographic and otherwise immoral material, approval is a formality.)

The whole process took about 187 seconds. And once you clear a number of sales, you’ll actually earn a blue verification tick on your own Sharebert profile, which extrapolates info and analytics across your different social media platforms.

If you want to launch your own clothing line, log on You can follow Sharebert on Instagram here.





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BREAKING: WealthLAB Co-Founder Makes Forbes 30 Under 30 List



Forbes Africa just unveiled its fifth annual “30 under 30” list, highlighting the top young entrepreneurs, innovators and gamechangers.

And guess what: WealthLAB co-founder Odunayo Eweniyi is on it. See the full Forbes list here.

Alongside co-founders Joshua Chibueze, 26, and Somto Ifezue, 28, Odunayo built PiggyVest, a fintech app that’s helped over 230,000 African Millennials invest and save over $15M. 

“PiggyVest was born out of the need to help people create a sustainable means of saving,” Odunayo told Forbes. PiggyVest users currently earn 10-13% on savings.

Just last May, PiggyVest—then known as Piggybank—closed a seed round, raising $1.1M. In doing so, Odunayo became one of under 30 Black women to raise over $1M in startup capital.

While the app started as a digital piggy bank for savers, Odunayo told TechCrunch the goal was to become a “financial warehouse” where other financial providers “can plug in their services for [PiggyVest] users.”

That vision recently came to life with the launch a new investment feature called “Investify,” which pays around 25% depending on the investment opportunity.

The Forbes distinction comes on the heels of an impressive recent run of awards for the young entrepreneur.

In March, Odunayo earned an award from Forbes as one of the top young “wealth creators” in Africa. Shortly after, Odunayo was named 2019 SME Entrepreneur of the Year in Wealth and Society in West Africa.

Prior to founding PiggyVest, Odunayo co-founded PushCV, the largest job database in Africa.

“I’ve always wanted to make an impact. I didn’t know how I would do it, but i felt a compulsion to.”Odunayo told Black Enterprise in a recent interview.

In addition to PiggyVest, Odunayo’s co-founded WealthLAB (yes, this WealthLAB) with NYC-based investor-entrepreneur Philip Michael. The two also invest in women —and minority run startups in the US.

Forbes Africa named 120 entrepreneurs across four categories: trade, technology, innovation, and sport. “I’m honored but I’m just ready to work,” Odunayo said when asked about the award. “I’m already thinking about what’s next.”

Well, alright then. Hit her up and congratulate her on IG here! 

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