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Bitcoin Expert: Bet Big On These Cryptos



Despite the volatility in the cryptocurrency space, Marius Kramer, a writer and influencer on cryptocurrencies, has been bullish about two cryptocurrencies in the current market.

With over 2,000 cryptocurrencies available to trade and purchase, investors are scratching their heads to bag the right trade and clock ambitious profits that touch 1000% gains. The crypto market is down by 80% this year and investors have burnt significant wealth. However, this seems the right time to re-enter or explore the crypto market once again as the time is ripe for the next bull run.

Kramer was recently asked about the safest cryptocurrency to buy and he shortlisted Binance Coin (or BNB) and Bitcoin. According to Kramer, BNB is the strongest cryptocurrency in 2018 and is currently even more stable than Bitcoin. He expects BNB to rise 100x in the upcoming bull-run increasing its market cap from $1B to $100B.

Kramer considers BNB to be a safe bet as it is less volatile compared to market movements. It is stronger when the market is up and doesn’t depreciate as much in a bear market.

The other safe bet is the most popular crypto- Bitcoin. This is expected to surge nearly 20x in the next bull run, driving Bitcoin’s market cap from $110B to $2T.

A look at Kramer’s portfolio and estimates

Marius Kramer has invested 20% in Bitcoin with an expected return of 20x. He has allocated 20% in BNB with an expected return of 100x. Other cryptos such as DENT, ENJ, BAT, Elastos, and IOTA also made the list.

Kramer has estimated possible returns of 1,200x for DENT, ENJ, and IOTA. He expects BAT to rise 300x and Elastos to generate mind-boggling returns of 40,000x. He states the importance of investing in stable cryptos such as BNB and Bitcoin to protect investors from volatile downswings.


Video: Compound Interest, Explained



A UPS worker never made more than $14,000 a year but retired with $70 million. How? Compound interest. Here’s how it works, courtesy of Investopedia.


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3 Ways To Invest From Your Smartphone For Under $5



The numbers say 80% of millennials don’t invest in stocks.

Reason? Half say they don’t have money, one-third says it’s too early and another third says they don’t know how.

In addition to that, there’s demographic gap. “The average age of a financial advisor is 55,” said Douglas Boneparth, a New York City-based financial planner. “There are more financial advisors over the age of 70 than there are under 30.”

Despite these beliefs, you don’t really need much money, nor experience, to get started. (Just look at our fearless co-founder Odunayo Eweniyi and what she’s pulled off here)

Be that as it may, here are three ways to get started for $5 or less.

1. Stash

Image result for stash app

What: A micro-investment app (iOS and Android) with over 30 ETFs according to industry, sector and risk tolerance.

How it works: Download the app and choose your investment.

Minimum investment: $5

Cost: Fees range from $1 a month for accounts under $5,000 to 0.25% a year.

“We help people who don’t have a lot save money on a weekly basis,” CEO and co-founder Brandon Krieg said in one interview. “Stashers look like America, they look like people you meet every day: they are nurses and teachers and Uber and Lyft drivers.”

2. Acorns


What: iOS and Android app.

How it works: Download the app and choose one of six index funds. When you buy, say a cup of coffee for $1.75, it rounds up the change to $2 and deposits the difference.

Minimum investment: $5

Cost: Just like Stash, fees range from $1 a month for accounts under $5,000 to 0.25% a year.

“We’re not trying to preach austerity to the client, because that’s a bummer,” CMO Manning Field says. “Some people will say, ‘Don’t have the cup of coffee.’ We’ll tell you to have the cup of coffee and invest along the way.”

3. Robinhood

What: A commission-free investment app (iOS and Android).

How it works: Download and start buying stocks.

Minimum investment: Whatever stock you want to buy.

Cost: Free.

And by the way, if you want to get a fast start on real estate, here’s Forbes’ list of nine REITs with yields between 8% and 10%.

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CHART: How Blockchain Powers Bitcoin



Blockchain, Bitcoin. Bitcoin, blockchain.

The two terms go hand in hand—and have become almost ubiquitous with this year’s insane rise (and fall) of Bitcoin.

But what does it all really mean? How does it come together? In this week’s chart, our friends at CB Insights break down exactly how blockchain powers Bitcoin.

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