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SOURCE: Floyd Mayweather To Sign 3-Fight, $375M Deal?



Let’s preface this right. This is just a rumor. This is just a rumor.

Again! This is just a rumor. And I haven’t covered boxing full-time in years.

OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way. There are serious, serious whispers in Vegas that retired boxer Floyd Mayweather could sign a record-breaking $375M deal with CBS/Showtime.

“Floyd is super salty about that Canelo deal,” a source close to his management says. “He doesn’t like to be outdone in anything.”

Just last week, news broke that sports streaming DAZN had signed middleweight boxing champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez to a $365M contract—reportedly the biggest guaranteed contract in all of sports.

With this deal, Canelo—who Mayweather fought and beat in September 2013—broke his 2013 record for richest contract in sports.

That deal guaranteed Mayweather $32M per fight for six fights. Canelo’s contract breaks down to just over $33M per fight, breaking Mayweather’s record for the richest deal.

Mayweather had already made headlines about coming back for a rematch against rival Manny Pacquiao, a 2015 fight that shattered every revenue record in sports history.

On the day of Canelo’s middleweight blockbuster with Gennady Golovkin last month, Mayweather released an Instagram video with Pacquiao claiming a fight was in the works for December. (That fight is now rumored for the spring.)

A fight with UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov—who just vanquished another Mayweather foe in McGregor—was also rumored, with Mayweather himself confirming another “nine-figure payday” in the works here.

“Oh, we’re fighting,” he told TMZ, saying he’d expect a guarantee of “$110 to $200M, guaranteed.”

According to the insider, Mayweather now wants a guaranteed contract of $125M per fight—$375M total—which would break Canelo’s record.

Mayweather made a record-breaking and record-tying $100M guarantee for his fights against Conor McGregor and Pacquiao.

The deal—crazy as it sounds—would include the winner of Pacquiao and Adrien Broner, a boxing rematch with McGregor and the Khabib matchup.

Should Mayweather get what he allegedly wants, he’d shatter his own record for highest guarantee per fight.

FWIW, after news of the Canelo deal hit, Mayweather came out with the verbal vitriol in an Instagram post, showcasing Floyd smacking Canelo with an uppercut.

“It takes me 36 mins or less to make $300 million plus. It literally takes me 1 night and 1 fight to make what you might make in 5 years and 11 fights! So really, who’s still winning? You do the math!”

Mayweather also had choice words for Canelo’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya, another past Mayweather foe…

With pay-per-view bonuses, Mayweather made a reported $300M for both the McGregor and Pacquiao fights. So he actually made more. Just not guaranteed.

Should this deal come to fruition, Mayweather would reclaim his throne as the PPV king. More as this story develops.


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Millennials To Gen Z: 5 Ways They Differ In The Workplace



(Editor’s Note: The following article is a guest post by superstar entrepreneur and tech investor Jonathan Schultz.) 

There has been plenty of focus on millennials in the past few years, but it’s now time to redirect our attention to Gen Z. Right now Gen Z is entering the workforce and are ready to become the face of corporate America.

While there are plenty of similarities between Gen Z and Millennials, let’s look at a few ways they differ.

Gen Z is more competitive

Millennials have been said to be collaborative and teamwork focused and want to operate in an environment where they feel included and part of something bigger. Gen Z is said to be more competitive and want to be judged based off of their individual performance.

Gen Z also understands that there is a need for consistent development in skills in order to compete. This generation will do whatever it takes but certainly wants to reap rewards for it.

Gen Z is highly idependent

Gen Z typically likes to work alone and many of them would rather have their own office space as opposed to working in open and collaborative environments. This generation also prefers to manage their own projects, so their unique skill sets can be exposed.

Gen Z does not want to depend on others to get things done.

Gen Z prefers face-to-face communication

Millennials love to communicate via email, text, and anything other than face-to-face. The Gen Z group are huge in-person interactors and prefer it over the less personal email or text.

Millennials have received a lot of “bad press” for being so attached to their phones and Gen Z wants to transition out of that shadow. This generation will want more in-person meetings to discuss projects, etc.

Gen Z knows technology

Gen Z has known nothing other than technology their entire lives. They grew up with Facebook, texting, etc. Millennials still grew up with landlines and dial-up internet.

While Millennials are tech-savvy, Gen Z has been living in a world of smartphones for as long as they can remember. This generations relationship to technology is almost instinctual rather than learned.

Gen Z expects the workplace to conform to their needs

Gen Z wants everything to be catered to their needs. This is why companies have had to re-think the amenities they offer and how they structure their offices in order to meet the needs of this young workforce.

Companies now have to appeal to this younger mindset and have a less cookie-cutter approach to the environment they create for their employees. While millennials also expect the workplace to conform to their needs, for Gen Z, it could mean the difference between accepting a job offer or not.

There are obviously very clear differences between these two generations. Yes, every member of a generation will have their own unique traits and characteristics, but overall you will see that Gen Z is a more independent and technologically-advanced group in comparison to Millennials.

Jonathan Schultz is an entrepreneur, real estate tech investor and influencer. He’s the co-founder of Onyx Equities, a leading private equity real estate firm, and has been voted one of the most powerful people in real estate. Follow Jon’s blog here

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The graphic below breaks down the set of primarily US-based fintech companies appealing to the millennial generation including RobinhoodAcornsWealthfrontEarnest and more. (As we’ve also highlighted separately, startups in the digital banking market have attracted more than $10B since 2010.)

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