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SOURCE: Floyd Mayweather To Sign 3-Fight, $375M Deal?



Let’s preface this right. This is just a rumor. This is just a rumor.

Again! This is just a rumor. And I haven’t covered boxing full-time in years.

OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way. There are serious, serious whispers in Vegas that retired boxer Floyd Mayweather could sign a record-breaking $375M deal with CBS/Showtime.

“Floyd is super salty about that Canelo deal,” a source close to his management says. “He doesn’t like to be outdone in anything.”

Just last week, news broke that sports streaming DAZN had signed middleweight boxing champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez to a $365M contract—reportedly the biggest guaranteed contract in all of sports.

With this deal, Canelo—who Mayweather fought and beat in September 2013—broke his 2013 record for richest contract in sports.

That deal guaranteed Mayweather $32M per fight for six fights. Canelo’s contract breaks down to just over $33M per fight, breaking Mayweather’s record for the richest deal.

Mayweather had already made headlines about coming back for a rematch against rival Manny Pacquiao, a 2015 fight that shattered every revenue record in sports history.

On the day of Canelo’s middleweight blockbuster with Gennady Golovkin last month, Mayweather released an Instagram video with Pacquiao claiming a fight was in the works for December. (That fight is now rumored for the spring.)

A fight with UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov—who just vanquished another Mayweather foe in McGregor—was also rumored, with Mayweather himself confirming another “nine-figure payday” in the works here.

“Oh, we’re fighting,” he told TMZ, saying he’d expect a guarantee of “$110 to $200M, guaranteed.”

According to the insider, Mayweather now wants a guaranteed contract of $125M per fight—$375M total—which would break Canelo’s record.

Mayweather made a record-breaking and record-tying $100M guarantee for his fights against Conor McGregor and Pacquiao.

The deal—crazy as it sounds—would include the winner of Pacquiao and Adrien Broner, a boxing rematch with McGregor and the Khabib matchup.

Should Mayweather get what he allegedly wants, he’d shatter his own record for highest guarantee per fight.

FWIW, after news of the Canelo deal hit, Mayweather came out with the verbal vitriol in an Instagram post, showcasing Floyd smacking Canelo with an uppercut.

“It takes me 36 mins or less to make $300 million plus. It literally takes me 1 night and 1 fight to make what you might make in 5 years and 11 fights! So really, who’s still winning? You do the math!”

Mayweather also had choice words for Canelo’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya, another past Mayweather foe…

With pay-per-view bonuses, Mayweather made a reported $300M for both the McGregor and Pacquiao fights. So he actually made more. Just not guaranteed.

Should this deal come to fruition, Mayweather would reclaim his throne as the PPV king. More as this story develops.


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A year after becoming the richest person, Jeff Bezos, founder of, is getting a divorce from his wife MacKenzie. The news broke in the below tweet from Jeff last Wednesday.

MacKenzie is said to have played a significant role in Amazon in the early years of the company. If the split goes as predicted, she will then become the richest woman in the world.

Investors will be comfortable once the divorce does not affect the growth and profitability of Amazon

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This Uber Killer Wants To Drive You Around In A Lambo…For £5



Uber and Lyft broke the internet last week with the headline-grabbing news of their impending IPOs.

While all that was going on, another ride-hailing service called miwhip (“my whip” — get it?) came out of left field, announcing their desire to drive ride-hailers around in luxury sports cars like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and whatever the hell else the heart desires.

But as usual, there’s a caveat…

Not going to call it a bait-and-switch, but here’s what Forbes wrote on their Instagram:

A new Uber rival in London, miwhip, lets you travel in gold supercars, and trips can cost as little as £5.

The ride-sharing app launched at the end of last month with an Austin Powers villain-worthy Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 488, Rolls Royce Ghost II, Mercedes G Wagon and McLaren 720s.

Within 48 hours of receiving the private hire operator license from Transport for London, miwhip spent over £1.5 million on supercars.

Miwhip takes 10% less commission than their competitors and offers daily cash outs as an homage to the five cofounders’ father, who was a mini-cab driver who worked to juggle work and family life.


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